The Digital Marketing Agency for Travel Retail lndustry
Global Smiling is the Digital Marketing agency focusing on boosting business for the Travel Retail industry. "Target, Market, and Sell" is what we believe in and act upon for fulfilling our clients´ needs.

We have an international in-house team specialising in creating successful, targeted and measurable digital campaigns and solutions through online platforms such as Google and social media sites for the travel retail sector and related shopping and travel industries. In particular, we target Chinese travellers through China's Sina Weibo and Tencent WeChat, and Russian travellers through Vkontakte.

We have tools and expertise to create bespoke and innovative digital solutions and campaigns to meet client's needs of today's ever-demanding international travellers with a high success rate, such as AI-powered Chatbot solution, Programmatic Marketing, Hologram & AR marketing and Virtual Office Solution. Founded in 2014 in Hamburg, Global Smiling has been working closely with
both established companies and innovative start-ups from the travel retail and related shopping/travel industries. We create and execute the best digital marketing solutions together with our clients to target, acquire and satisfy travellers. With offices also in Chongqing (China), Riga (Latvia), and Moscow (Russia), we are able to penetrate local markets, in real time with the up-to-date online marketing technologies. Our unique insight and expertise in local cultures and languages enables us to create the best bespoke marketing solutions for a specific market/country.

Thanks to Global Smiling's international network and expertise in creating digital designs and translating needed contents into local language(s), we can help you to communicate effectively with travellers worldwide thereby generating impressive lead and response rate to your campaigns. Check out the successful campaigns that we carried out for Gebr. Heinemann, Vienna International Airport and other travel retail clients in our BUSINESS CASES (click here) and do not hesitate to reach out to us for further information.
Global Smiling values partnership as much as talents. We understand that both are the key to achieving persuasive and impressive work results for our clients. Over the past years, Global Smiling has established partnership with various entities, such as institutions, corporations, agencies and events, as well as qualified freelancers. We keep deepening our knowledge through cooperation and expanding our network in the Travel Retail industry through partnership so that we can keep pace with the latest industry trends, marketing tools and technology. Here are some partners we would like to highlight.

Global Smiling

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