Virtual Office Solutions help get more across and done everyday!
Global Smiling Virtual Office Solutions are the task-shooter for individuals and companies who aim at international business. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details. With our unique knowledge of the targeted markets and customers, we take over translation, proofreading,
consulting and market research. As our clients, you get your very own Virtual Project Assistant to execute and track down the whole process from the very beginning to the end. Our work is evaluated by timely execution, simple communication and uncompromised results.
Speaking your customers' language in an appropriate way is the first step to win their loyalty. Our translation servicenot only breaks down the linguistic barriers but also handles cultural sensitivity, be it English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Russian or Hebrew.
Any marketing efforts require a precise wording especially when it comes to international business. Our proofreading service covers a variety of languages, such as English, German, Chinese, Russian and so on, taking context and cultural implication into account.
Be it a small-scale business or a big one, consulting with experts can smooth out unnecessary obstacles and help approach to targets with a clear strategy. Our consultation takes place either through telephone conference, workshopsor individual meetups.
Doing market research and using analytical instrument is essential to optimizing marketing efforts. Our goal is to obtain, decipher and present the most valuable information for our clients so that the marketing efforts can be made wisely and effectively.

Global Smiling

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